Do you know Carp fish android game?

Carp fish is large freshwater fish available in Asia and Europe which are exported to many countries. They breed on canals and rivers. It can grow from 1 to 3 kg per year according to the food availability. Some of the types of carps are:

  • Silver carp
  • Common carp
  • Grass carp
  • Bighead carp
  • Crucian carp
  • Catla carp
  • Mrigal carp
  • Black carp
  • Mud carp

There are some tricks in fishing:
-Bite alarms

It allows the fisher to hear sound when fish bite their lines. Some bite alarms have volume and tone controls that can be adjusted by the fisher. This allows the angler to know which of his/her lines has the bite so they can attend to it quickly. The two main types of bite alarms are:

  • Wireless bite alarms
  • Roller wheel bite alarms
  • Hooks

The beginner or experienced fishershould find the right carp fishinghook for them. Carp fishinghooks can be barbed or barbless and come in a range of different sizes from 4 to 12.Some of the hooks are the fox, Preston, Nash, Forrc, Maver, and Gardner.
-Lead weights

It is one of the fishing tricks used to catch Carp fish. There are avariety of different weights available to buy and fisher’s choice will depend on location andthe type of carp being fished for.

Soft steel, fluorocarbon, and woven braid are three of the most commonly usedmaterials for carp fishing lines. Each has its own qualities. Soft steel lines are renowned for their knot strength.

In Carp fishing, rods are made from carbon fibre and Kevlar. This is due to thematerial being light, thin and incredibly strong. When it comes to the action of a carp fishing rod, thereare three main categories:

  • Slow tapper
  • Progressive tapper
  • Fast tapper

Carp fishing simulator android game is available for mobiles and tablets. It was developed and released by Dangerous Derk Interactive in the year 2015. It is a 3D fishing game where it gives the player a great experience in fishing. The player can fish anytime by camping near the water surface. The player must start with the single rod and he/she need to buy things with the money earned from selling the fish. This game has its last update on June 16, 2017.

In Carp fishing simulator android game, the player will experience a great realistic view. The simulator is nothing but a design that gives a realistic feature of what we are doing. Here the player will get a real fishing experience and happiness. The climate changes also will appear randomly, hence the fisher must start his/her fishing according to the climate. It is one of the famous fishing games.

Some people like fishing but they cannot go and fish all the time they like. For those who like fishing can play this game and get benefits accordingly. The game ends by announcing you as the winner only when you catch fishes accurately. There are some who do not know fishing; they can also use this game to practise fishing. This game makes them a good fisher in real life.

While fishing, the fisher must know the climatic change and the fish’s habitat. There are some of the features in this game which give the player a great experience in fishing and in understanding the habitat of the fish"
-Fully adjustable rods

  • 3 bite alarms
  • 3 rods
  • Spod rod
  • Marker rod
  • Bait boat
  • Bivvy

Full seasonal weather,
Day time and night time.

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